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ABT België

ABT Belgium, located in the heart of Antwerp (BE), is a multidisciplinary engineering office for stability(structures), special techniques(installations), sustainability, executive architecture(building engineering), building cost management, circularity, fire safety, geotechnics and building physics and employs about 30 people.

As part of Oosterhoff, ABT Belgium offers added value to the built environment for both buildings and infrastructure, new construction rebuilding, restoration and/or redevelopment. We use our versatile knowledge of technology and processes to explore the boundaries of the possible with our clients within set frameworks and with great attention to sustainable and new developments.

We use our collaboration within the group and dedication to our profession to help our clients realise their ambitions. From vision to completion, from idea to realisation, as an advisor on the client’s side, as a director within the multidisciplinary design team or as technical support to the contractor, with the aim of having maximum impact and steering the realisation of the set ambitions

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