L3Q - Oosterhoff


L3Q designs safe, flexible and sustainable laboratories. L3Q designs safe, flexible and sustainable laboratories. L3Q takes regulations into account, creates structure and overview in the design, installations and architectural compartmentalisation. In addition, L3Q supervises the purchase and delivery of fixed laboratory equipment (VLI). In the design concept there is a clear decoupling between the facilities and work tables. Efficiency and safety are guaranteed with modular building blocks and the lab can be designed from the inside out. By phasing the design process and processing user input, the design fits in well with the user processes.

From April 1, 2023, L3Q is part of Oosterhoff, and is located in Delft. The management is formed by Gerard Janssen (also director of Huygen) and Gerard Doos.

Gerard Janssen: “The connection with Oosterhoff enables us to serve clients in a broader field. We look beyond fixed laboratory equipment. Think of architectural advice, building installations and building physics. This way we can provide total advice, which makes us distinctive as L3Q.”

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