Board of Directors - Oosterhoff

Board of Directors

The Executive Board of Oosterhoff consists of Gerard Doos (CEO). He guards the mission and vision and ensures that people reach their full potential.

At Oosterhoff, we think in terms of the African principle of ‘Ubuntu’; I am because we are.

At Oosterhoff, we believe that we can only find the answer to today’s issues together. Which is also how Oosterhoff is managed.

We work hard to create strong links between Oosterhoff and the underlying organisations, so that we can optimally utilise our combined knowledge, expertise and intellect. Find out more about the Board of Directors below.

Gerard Doos, ceo Year of birth: 1962 Nationality: Dutch

Our CEO, Gerard Doos, has been with the company since the late 1980s. He has been Director of ABT Holding from 2013 and of Oosterhoff Group since 2018. He is responsible for the company’s development.

This means he is tasked with monitoring the mission and vision, the roll-out of the strategy and the associated KPIs. According to Gerard, this is only possible with good human relationships: ‘The African principle of Ubuntu is about who we really are in connection with others. I am because we are. I want to further develop this principle and anchor it within the organisation and our subsidiaries, both now and in the future.’

Gerard studied Structural Engineering and Executive General Management and has worked for ABT since the 1980s, including as General Manager of ABT België and Managing Director. Gerard was a board member at NL Ingenieurs between 2008 and 2015.