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Develop yourself and the future of the built environment: anything’s possible at Oosterhoff. The Oosterhoff traineeship helps you kickstart your career. Over two years, you’ll get every opportunity to discover and develop your talents.

‘The traineeship enables you to embrace the unlimited: you determine what you really want at the start of your career.’ Nagat Abdu, trainee at Oosterhoff

Over three eight-month periods, you’ll work for various Oosterhoff Group companies, getting to know many organisations, people and yourself in a short space of time. Of course, we provide support. Our versatile training programme allows you to reveal your talents. And making mistakes is OK too, because that’s how you learn. Once you’ve completed the traineeship, you’ll be ready to get started at one of our organisations.

Unlimited growth at Oosterhoff

We believe that we achieve more together. And that’s what’s so great about working at Oosterhoff. We enable real innovation by bringing together the best generalists and specialists. As a trainee, you get to see behind the scenes in our operating companies. Which ones? You decide, depending on your talents and preferences. And you won’t be alone, because you’ll be working on a contract together with a team of trainees.
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Traineeship, something for you?


As a trainee, you are given every freedom to discover what you want to do. You choose the tasks and connections that are a match for you. We embrace daring, initiative-taking and entrepreneurship, because that’s how you grow.


As a trainee, you are a fully-fledged employee who’s still learning. This demands a certain level of responsibility and ownership; an experience that will benefit you for the rest of your career.


As a trainee, you gain three years’ experience in two years, requiring you to be daring and able to switch gear quickly. You’ll get to know a lot of people and organisations in a short space of time.


We offer you a welcoming team of trainees and colleagues as well as a versatile training programme to help you discover and develop your talents.

“Het traineeship maakt je onbegrensder”

Trainee Nagat Abdu vertelt over haar ervaringen bij Oosterhoff. Lees meer