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Oosterhoff is a group of companies, each with its own management. At Oosterhoff, we harness our strengths in various combinations.

Oosterhoff comprises ABT, ABT België, ABT Deutschland, abtWassenaar, Adviesbureau Lüning, Van de Laar consultants, bbn adviseurs, HE adviseurs, Huygen and Meelis & Partners.

All organisations have their own knowledge, intellect and expertise. From engineers to installers and from builders to designers: together we can handle the most complex of projects. Bringing our knowledge and people together like this enables us to build a future-proof society together.

Board of Directors

The Oosterhoff Board of Directors comprises Gerard Doos (CEO). He safeguards our mission and vision, ensuring that people achieve unlimited possibilities.

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Oosterhoff makes true innovation in the built environment a reality. We do this by sharing knowledge, intellect and expertise, in new combinations and using the very best generalists and specialists.

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Corporate governance

At Oosterhoff, we aim for good governance and work hard to ensure a healthy financial basis so that we can perform to the best of our ability. This also demands transparency and integrity, which is why we adhere to the principles and best practice provisions of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code.

Our Corporate Governance Code


Oosterhoff is literally of the people: Oosterhoff shares are entirely in employee hands, with at least 50% of employees participating in the ownership of the group. This system enables people to feel even more involved in the organisation. And we like that.

Working at Oosterhoff