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Working at Oosterhoff

Do you want to work on real innovation? Come and join us! At Oosterhoff, we believe in bringing together the best people, companies and technologies so we can devise the best solutions.

We believe that we achieve more together.

Thinking about applying to Oosterhoff? Do it! We enable real innovation by bringing together the best generalists and specialists. All the current vacancies in the holding are listed below. If there’s no immediate match for you, feel free to send an open application. We’re always looking out for talent.

Current vacancies

Open application

University of applied sciences or university
32-40 uur
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40 uur (start september)
Several locations
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Become a trainee at Oosterhoff

Develop both yourself and the future of the built environment: anything’s possible at Oosterhoff. The Oosterhoff traineeship will help you kickstart your career. Over two years, you’ll get every opportunity to discover and develop your talents.


Over three eight-month periods, you’ll work for various Oosterhoff Group companies, getting to know many organisations, people and yourself in a short space of time. Of course, we provide support. Our versatile training programme allows you to reveal your talents. And making mistakes is OK too, because that’s how you learn. Once you’ve completed the traineeship, you’ll be ready to get started at one of our organisations.



The traineeship

TOP: learning on the job

TOP is Oosterhoff’s Two-year Training Programme. This internal training helps boost your personal and professional development. You develop yourself in various business aspects, with contact days being supported by industry experts, including experts from our training partner, TSM, and our own professionals.

Employee partcipation

Oosterhoff of the people

Oosterhoff is literally of the people: Oosterhoff shares have been entirely in employee hands since 2016, with at least 50% of employees participating in the ownership of the group. This system enables people to feel even more involved in the organisation. And we like that.

Open culture

At Oosterhoff, everyone is part of something bigger. Which is why it’s important that we maintain an open dialogue. We measure employee satisfaction every year and we encourage employees to keep talking to each other. About everything. The result is a nice, open culture where everyone’s voice counts.


Our innovation thinktank Quake develops knowledge and concepts on themes like neighbourhood development, technology and sustainability. Who’s involved? Any employee with something to contribute. Bouncing ideas off each other and working together on new technologies and methods, including artificial intelligence and research by design. These offer unlimited opportunities if we use them wisely. At Quake, we make this knowledge widely accessible so we can build a future-proof society together.

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