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About Oosterhoff

We develop, direct and implement pioneering concepts, products and knowledge for the built environment. Together. Heard of us already?

We are Oosterhoff. A group of ten companies working in design, construction and installation. At Oosterhoff, we combine our strengths, harnessing the knowledge, expertise and brainpower of the very best specialists and generalists, making us the ideal partner for innovative and complex projects.


Oosterhoff is an important factor in prestigious building projects. We are the innovative and creative link in consortia needing a fresh and expert perspective. By linking people, expertise and professions, we can produce the best solutions for major climate, environment and end user issues.

Our Projects

The Oosterhoff organisations

Oosterhoff comprises  ABT, ABT België, ABT Deutschland, abtWassenaar, Adviesbureau Lüning, adviesbureau Van de Laar, bbn adviseurs, DataBuilt, Huygen, L3Q, Meelis & Partners and Urban Physics. We also have various entities within the holding, including our think-tank Quake.

All organisations have their own knowledge, intellect and expertise. From engineers to installers and from builders to designers: together we can handle the most complex projects. Bringing our knowledge and people together in this way enables us to build a future-proof environment together.

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The Oosterhoff structure

Oosterhoff is a group of companies, each with its own management. At Oosterhoff, we harness our strengths in various combinations and under a collective management. This makes us flexible, creative and the ideal partner for innovative and complex projects. The Oosterhoff Board of Directors comprises Gerard Doos (CEO).
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We create unparalleled opportunities by connecting knowledge, expertise and intellect.

Oosterhoff makes true innovation in the built environment a reality. We do this by sharing knowledge, intellect and expertise, in new combinations and using the very best generalists and specialists.

Our vision

Existing structures are no longer sufficient. We need more if we are to resolve the complex issues of today and tomorrow. We use multi-disciplinary and flexible networks to develop these answers. This is the only way we can create a society in which people can flourish in harmony with their environment. A built environment that works for people. That is meaningful, surprising, inspiring and makes smart use of the very latest technologies. An environment that’s a pleasant place in which to live and work together.

Our vision

Our core values


True innovation starts when you let go of the old. We believe in the power of new combinations between people, expertise and specialisms. This is how we find real solutions for the challenges facing our clients and society.


At Oosterhoff, each individual is part of something bigger. With plenty of space to be yourself, grow and utilise your qualities. And share them with others. Working together in this way enables us to make real progress.


When we embark on a project, you can count on us to work tirelessly towards a resounding result, based on unlimited confidence in our expertise and cooperation with our partners.

Diversity at Oosterhoff

Diversity and inclusion are inextricably linked to our core value: ‘human’. At Oosterhoff, you can be who you are. We want all our employees to feel respected and at home, which is why we embrace diversity in backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and identity.


Every day, we work to cultivate a culture in which our employees feel recognised for their unique identity, are integrated in the group and valued for their contributions. At Oosterhoff, we believe that employee diversity enriches our culture, improves our services and boosts our creativity and innovation. Read more in our statement.

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