It flows through BORG - Oosterhoff

It flows through BORG

11 May 2022

On paper, BORG was already a unique collaboration. A consortium between Oosterhoff and BAM would strengthen utility buildings in the Groningen earthquake area, in collaboration with New Zealand earthquake specialist Holmes. With that, the whole process was under one roof: from research to completion and maintenance.


'Because you are different, you reach stronger solutions'


But before that, huge cultural differences had to be bridged. With Oosterhoff on one side, as the headstrong creative who looks for the exception, and BAM on the other as an efficient process-oriented executor, strong in seriality. So BORG got an independent director, and mixed teams to encourage interaction between the cultures. "From the beginning, it has been a collaboration based on equality, trust and openness. Every problem is negotiable," says Roel de Jong, BORG board member from Oosterhoff.


Golden basis


Four years later, that proved to be a golden foundation. What could easily have become a divisive issue - clients and demand changed - is now a solid cooperation that continues beyond BORG. "Because you are different, share knowledge, you arrive at stronger solutions. Moreover, it also makes us aware of who we are ourselves and of the implementation process that usually takes place outside our field of vision. We also learn a lot from the working methods of the other partners. We take that back to Oosterhoff. In this way, BORG works as a test environment to develop new ways of working."


Lyrical clients


In the three projects that BORG eventually carried out according to the original overall concept, this was made for lyrical clients. Loppersum town hall remained operational throughout the entire reinforcement operation. "We cut the pile foundation while people were working in the building! Thanks to solid construction supervision, a clear implementation plan and intensive communication to users, everyone knew exactly what to expect."


Unexpected outcome


Meanwhile, BORG has specialised in farm reinforcement advice, using self-programmed inputs to generate computer models. Another unexpected outcome, which has added value not only within BORG, Roel thinks.


BORG 2.0


Meanwhile, Oosterhoff and BAM are also already thinking about a BORG 2.0. "The hydrogen economy is one of the spearheads in the North. If we can, we would like to make a difference." And the confidence is so great that cooperation is also taking shape outside BORG, for example in the Bajes Kwartier, where a new residential district is rising on the site of the former Bijlmer prison. "It flows through Borg."